It’s a question I’ve been trying to answer for weeks. It has occupied my mind on those long multi-pitch belays, been at the forefront of my thoughts when lazing around on the slow, rainy days and has even kept me awake for nights on end (literally). Then I realized, I got the question wrong. It’s not, ‘what is NoL’ but rather ‘who is NoL?’

Since its inception many, many years ago (thirteen now, I think?), the Night of Lies has evolved from its original format of guys-with-beers-heckling-each-other to what it is now: a stage filled with weekend warriors and world-class alpinists alike, showcasing their latest or greatest exploits.

But it is also a room full of climbers. Old climbers, new climbers, and everyone in between. It’s a room filled with reunions of old friends, and meetings with new friends.

And that is what, and who, NoL is to me: it is a community. It is an amazing gathering of people who get together once a year to talk shit, drink beer, watch some awesome presentations, heckle, meet new people, win a few prizes, bid on cool auction items and generally just hang out.

Night of Lies started off modestly but has since evolved into an event of national proportions. The presenters range from the casual climber to (climbings’) international superstars such as Sonnie Trotter, Jason Kruk, Nancy Hansen, Margo Talbot, Will Gadd, to name just a few.

As a not-for-profit organization, Night of Lies has supported numerous community organizations over the years, including TABVAR (The Association of Bow Valley Rock Climbers), CASA (Climbers Access Society of Alberta), The Friends of Bugaboo Park and, in recent years, SAGE (Stoney Adventure Group Experience). But this year, we are going to change things up a bit. Not only will we support a charitable organization, but Night of Lies will also give back directly to the climbing community — our community. (Details to be announced on the night of — stay tuned, this is exciting!!)

The Night of Lies is a phenomenal event. I helped organize the last two shows, and cannot get over the amazing community and sponsor response. It truly makes you feel as if you are part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

And now, here I am, organizing the whole thing. I can only hope it goes well. And I hope to see you there!

’Til then, and thereafter, happy climbing!